Our Story

The Millbank and Kent idea started back in 2004.

I had come to the decision that I wanted to be self-employed, leave the rat race of my current life and be creative again. My career at the time was not fulfilling that.

We had been fortunate to spend a full year backpacking the world,  this made us reflect differently on life. I quit my financial accounting job much to my colleagues surprise. I studied web and graphic design to enable me to progress Millbank and Kent.

My husband (already running his own marketing business), had to make space for me. I soon used up my allocated space with paper, card, and machinery!

We now have the ideal work/life balance and have absolutely no regrets.

We are keen sailors (small, not very glamorous dinghy boats!). and enjoy competing in National, European and World Championship racing. We also love road cycling and make time most days to get out in the fresh air on two wheels.

Over the many years, I have had immense pleasure producing stationery for 1000’s of couples and continue to enjoy the positive vibe which is part and package to any wedding.

I look forward to continuing my design journey and producing stationery for many more happy couples to come …


Millbank and Kent Founder